10-Lap Challenge

We've re-invented this challenge! In this new 10-Lap Challenge format we're making it even easier to compete and you'll have a higher confidence there aren't others out there cheating to beat you on the leaderboard ;) A perfect score is still 100 and anyone who can get a score of 50 or higher is eligible for the prize. More details below.

Be sure to check out the "Rules" tab below!



Challenge beganNovember 1st @ 12:00am PDT
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Prize Information

Complete the challenge with a score of 50 or higher and the t-shirt prize is yours (no additional purchase required).

Be sure to check out the rules of the challenge though - your best score is all that matters and you have as many tries as you want during the month of October 2019.

Challenge Prize

Limited Edition Challenge T-Shirt

To Participate

  • You must enable Hotlaps. Launch the MX app and enable Hotlaps there. Or ask us for help.
  • MX courses only, and it must be a circuit track (start and finish line must be the same, no gaps)

How you are Scored

  • Complete at least 10 laps in a session
  • Of your first 10 laps, the 8 most consistent laps are calcualted in to the score (you get 2 free laps)
  • Your score is the consistency metric for those 8 selected laps
  • NO STOPPING ON THE TRACK! Anything that looks like cheating will get you disqualified
  • The score doesn't factor in how fast your laps are, just consistency
  • Hiding laps and partial laps count, so don't make mistakes!
  • Circuit tracks only (means the starting line and finish line must be the same)
  • Your highest score is all that matters, try as many times as you want during the month!

How to Check Your Score

  • You will get an email at the end of the day for each day you ride that contains your computed score
  • Or, launch the MX app and go to the "Summary" tab for your session and you will be able to see it here

Other Details

Contact us here if you would like to have your name hidden from these results. We respect the privacy of all of our athletes.

*You must track your laps using LITPro.
**Only laps at moto tracks are valid for this challenge


What does this mean? Most likely it means you didn't completely match the criteria of the challenge in your session. For example, these must be 10 complete laps (no cutting segments out), and the laps must be on MX or SX style tracks. If you think we've made a mistake just let us know.


What does this mean? It most likely means you didn't set your Hotlaps to public. To help ensure the privcy of our athletes we now require your Hotlaps be public to participate in LITPro Challenges. Launch the MX app and enable Hotlaps there or ask us for help.

Join the Challenge

This challenge has already ended. Stay on the lookout for the next one!

STARTS:November 1st @ 12:00am PDT
ENDS:November 30th @ 11:00pm PST

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