200 Lap Team Challenge

Teams of two compete to get the most laps in the month of January 2019! Each team member must participate, and there's a minimum lap length. Be sure to check these rules out and take a look at the details on the tier levels for the prize.



Prize Information

Earn a free challenge beanie by participating in this challenge! If as a team you can't get over 400 laps in the month of January you've still earned it but it isn't free... check out the tiered pricing below. This should give you extra motivation to put the laps in ;)

$0 400 Laps or more Challenge Badge 3x
$10 300 Laps or more Challenge Badge 2x
$20 200 Laps or more Challenge Badge 1x
$0 shipping US, $20 shipping International
Challenge Prize

Limited Edition Challenge LITPro Beanie

To Pariticpate

  • You must enable Hotlaps. Launch the MX or ROAD app and enable Hotlaps there. Or ask us for help.
  • You must form a team with another teammate that you have enabled data sharing with. Check out Data Sharing to get this enabled if you haven't already
  • Both members of the team must put in valid laps during the month of January to show up on the leaderboard and be eligible for the prize.

What is a Valid Lap?

  • Only complete laps are counted (this means you can't cut the track and you must have passed all of the segment gates in your track config each lap).
  • Only laps of 60 seconds or longer are counted. Pick a real, challenging track, no tiny circle tracks... The goal is to improve and have fun!

How to Check Your Lap Count

  • You will get an email at the end of the day for each day you ride that contains your total lap count for the month
  • You can also check back here after you've logged your session, the results show up immediately.

Other Details

Contact us here if you would like to have your name hidden from these results. We respect the privacy of all of our athletes.

*You must track your laps using LITPro.
**Only laps at moto or road tracks are valid for this challenge


What does this mean? Most likely it means you didn't completely match the criteria of the challenge in your session. For example our system may detect that you are cutting the track or not crossing all of your segment gates.


What does this mean? It most likely means you didn't set your Hotlaps to public. To help ensure the privcy of our athletes we now require your Hotlaps be public to participate in LITPro Challenges. Launch the MX or ROAD app and enable Hotlaps there or ask us for help.

Join the Challenge

This challenge has already ended. Stay on the lookout for the next one!

STARTS:January 1st @ 12:00am PST
ENDS:February 1st @ 12:00am PST

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