actively building tools for coaches...

let us help you focus on what matters

We are serious about the role of coaches and trainers in our sport. Unlike pure endurance sports, there is a larger technical skill component required to participate in the sport safely and to achieve elite performance levels. This is what makes the sport so challenging but also so fun and rewarding.

All of our apps, tools and training are free of charge to coaches. When you do better so do we, so let's work together!

empowering coaches

  • Provide the best tools possible designed uniquely for Moto
  • One-on-one training with coaches to help them get the most out of LITPro
  • Give trainers a platform to broaden their rider base while keeping their focus on top performers

be among the first to pilot our new programs

If you are a coach or trainer in our sport or know someone who is, please fill out the form below to become part of an early beta and weigh in on what tools would best help you do your job.

Chris Hay
LITPro Coaching Specialist
- 16 years MX personal trainer
- British National Champion 2003
- Multi-disciplined having competed in in Enduro, Supercross and Motocross world championships

For participants in the Coaching Beta, Chris will provide one-on-one guidance on LITPro coaching tools as well as answer any other questions. He'll also help collect feedback on what's working and what isn't to help make sure we have built the best tools possible.