Frequently Asked Questions

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Does LITPro work with Android

No, not yet. We currently only support iOS devices.

What Apps do I need to get started?

Go to the App Store and install both the LITPro Sync App and the LITPro MX App.

Does LITPro work without a heart rate strap?

Yes, you will get all of the reporting minus your heart rate data.

What heart rate straps are compatible with LITPro?

Any of the Bluetooth 4.0 compatible heart rate straps work with LITPro, but we have done the most testing with the Polar H7... so that is a good bet.
NOTE: as of LITPro firmware version 2.6 (LITPro units purchased May 2017 and onward) LITPro is confirmed compatible with these heart rate straps:

  • Polar H7, Polar H10
  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Bontrager Dual Band Heart Rate Sensor
  • UA Heart Rate
  • all Suunto BLE or Dual Band
  • all Scosche BLE or Dual Band
For convenience we now offer the Polar H10 on our website.

Which mobile devices does LITPro work with?

LITPro is compatible with the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, X Max, XR, XS, XS Max, as well as the iPad (4th gen), iPad mini 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2,iPad Pro, and 6th gen iPad. In short, every iPhone and iPad capable of running iOS 10 or later is supported.

Does my iPhone or iPad need to have an Internet connection to use LITPro?

Yes, since all our data crunching is done in the "cloud", we do require an Internet connection to use the Apps.

Does LITPro work internationally?

Yes. Athletes have used LITPro across the U.S. and Europe, as well as in China, Japan, Australia and Russia.

Do you ship LITPro outside the U.S.?

Yes, we now ship internationally.

How long does the battery last on LITPro?

When powered on, the battery lasts for about 10 hours. If you need to put a lot of track time in between charges for whatever reason then best to power LITPro down completely between rides.

Can I get my LITPro wet?

Keep it dry. LITPro can take a little dampness, but don't ride in heavy rain, submerse it, or wash it with the power sprayer.

Where can I mount LITPro?

Mount LITPro on your helmet with the antenna pointing directly at the sky. That location provides the best possible 360° view of the sky and thus the highest possible data quality for our algorithms to work with.

What about mounting LITPro on my bike?

We do not recommend mounting LITPro to the bike. You’ll significantly compromise data quality. In addition to compromised GPS data quality, the bike is very noisy for our sensors (as in lots of vibration). Everything between your handlebar grips and your helmet (aka flesh) acts as an amazing data filter, so we've tuned our algorithms accordingly. If you do decide to mount it on your bike, then expect data weirdness that will show up in airtime calculations and such. In short, not recommended.

How do I sync LITPro?

There are a few pre-requisites to sync.

  1. Make sure you have the latest LITPro MX or ROAD app from the Apple app store, and have an active Internet connection and your Bluetooth enabled
  2. Have your LITPro nearby, and powered on
  3. Create a LITPro account using the app or log in if you already have one
  4. Pair with your LITPro by clicking the "find nearby devices" link in the app, or if you already have paired, then tap on the device you want to connect with
Once all that is done, tap the "Add Sessions" button in the upper-right just connect to your paired LITPro, and hit the "Sync Now" button. If the "Sync Data" button is not enabled, then you have not yet tracked any data. Make sure you have the device powered, on, and see a solid green LED indicating you have good GPS signal strength, then hit the button once to turn on tracking.

Can I take a phone call while syncing?

Yes, no problem.

How long does LITPro take to sync a session?

Syncing is admittedly pretty slow. This is both because we track a lot of data, and because the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol has some limitations still. We are working on overcoming these in a future release. Plan on roughly 30% of your session time in syncing, so if you are out riding for 40 minutes straight (nice job btw) then plan on syncing for about 12 minutes. It is really a good idea to get in the practice of turning LITPro tracking on once you have your bike started and are ready to go, and turning it off soon after you get back to your pit.

How do I create a custom track configuration?

This one has been tricky for almost everyone, so don't despair. Usually, after someone sees what a "good" track configuration looks like they find it really easy. Creating a track configuration is actually really simple. Just swipe where you want the starting line and where you want the finish line, then create "gates" for breaking up the track into segments in between. A few key points for a great track configuration.... 1) Create the start and finish line first (usually they are the same, so use the copy feature). 2) Create ideally 3 or 4 segments max per track. 3). Make sure to create those segment gates in order of the direction you ride. 4) Save the track with a helpful title so others can use it too. 5) Try and use an existing track configuration if possible - we've got some cool leaderboard features coming and this will help.

What is the sync range for LITPro?

Typically it keeps a pretty robust connection at up to 10 meters (30 ft). But don't get distracted and walk too far away. Best to leave the LITPro hardware and app together til finished.

What is "lap ghosting"?

This is a feature you can get to when you drill down into any lap of any session or gatedrop. We automatically give you the 5 fastest laps (if they exist, including Lap 99) from your same session that you can use as a comparison. Simply pull one of the tabs in the upper-right across the screen towards the left edge. Once you are seeing the ghosted lap, more metrics appear in each of the info windows to make side-by-side comparisons easy. The point of this tool is to figure out where or why one lap was faster than another. Give it a try - lots of cool stuff can be done here.

What heatmap functions are available?

We currently have speed (default), acceleration, deceleration, pitch, and g-forces. These are pretty useful for figuring out where key moments or opportunities for improvement exist on a track.

What is "lap 99"?

Lap 99 is what we call your theoretical fastest lap. We automatically piece together your fastest segments during the session to create a new theoretical lap. This is really effective at quickly showing you what line choices, jump configurations or rhythm sections will produce the fastest lap for the conditions of the track at that time. A good experiment may be to start your session by hitting all the outsides of the turns for a few consecutive laps, then as you warm up to the track and feel yourself start to max out your pace, then move to the inside on all the turns and run that for a few consecutive laps. If you can beat your outside lines with your inside lines, and still make the doubles/triples/quads coming out of the turns then you've got it figured out!

What are the lap ghosting "sync on time" vs "sync on position" functions?

By default the laps are synced up on time. So when ghosting/comparing two laps you see them as if the rider is on the track at exactly the same time. A lap that is faster will show one rider ahead of the other making it really easy to see which line or jump configuration is preferable, and where exactly that gap is created. In contrast, syncing up on position always keeps the two rider markers at exactly the same spot (effectively stretching or compressing time). This makes it easy to compare for example the speed on the approach to a jump, or at the apex of a turn since you can see all the metrics side by side for the same point on the track.

What happens if I actually ride 99+ laps in a session?

Huh... we didn't think of that. You will probably crash our servers and you'll see a big cloud of smoke over East Virginia.

What is a gate drop report telling me?

We make it really easy to practice your starts. Just pick a spot in the dirt to practice your starts, and do a few or a bunch... we automatically pull it out and put it into its own report. Beginning at a full stop, accelerating quickly over at least a 30ft span is key to having your data show up in the gatedrops report.

Can I create my own track anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can create your own track anywhere in the world. We've also got hundreds of tracks already created by other users that are often made available to use. The app automatically suggests nearby track configurations that have already been created, or gives you the option to create your own.

Do all tracks need loop/have laps? Or can it be point to point?

Tracks can be either looping like in Motocross, or be point to point, like a ski run. For point-to-point tracks, just mark separate starting and finish lines. For looping laps, create a starting line, then use the copy button to copy the starting line into the finish line so they are one and the same.

Is it difficult to create a track configuration?

It is really easy once you get the hang of it. Just swipe to create starting lines, finish lines, and segment gates. Follow the track configuration guide at step #5 of this (track configuration guide).

Can I make my own HD Track Map?

Yes. You will need a drone (or a friend with one), and permission to fly at your track. Once you have those two things, the steps are pretty simple, and once you have the hang of it, creating an HD Track Map at a typical MX style track can take around 20 minutes total (not counting upload and server process time). See these HD Track Map Instructions here

Does LIVE timing work with Apple Watch?

Yes. LIVE Timing works with the Series 2 and Series 3 Apple Watch. LIVE Timing requires Internet connectivity (either via built-in cellular or tethered to your iPhone) at a minimum where you start and stop your LIVE Timing streams (i.e. the pit area). To use LIVE Timing from your Apple Watch, just make sure you have the latest LITPro MX or LITPro ROAD apps installed on your iPhone and the extension app will automatically install on your watch. Follow the steps from the app to start LIVE timing on the watch.

Does LIVE timing work if there is no cell service?

No. LIVE Timing requires at least an OK connection to start and stop the LIVE timing stream. Once the stream is started, it survives going out of range, going inside tunnels, etc quite well. Just make sure you are back to an area with good connectivity when finishing the session.

How much cellular data is consumed when running LITPro LIVE?

LITPro LIVE typically transmits around 250KB every 5 minutes (or 1MB every 20 minutes of riding). It is a very small amount of data relative to streaming a video or even just streaming music.

Does LITPro LIVE consume a lot of battery?

Yes, your iPhone or Apple Watch that will be running LITPro LIVE works pretty hard, and will drain your battery a little quicker when live tracking is on. You should make sure everything is charged up before starting a session. Assuming you start with a full charge, and your iPhone/Watch battery is not damaged, LITPro live should be able to track for 4+ hours no problem.

Where should I mount the iPhone when I am running LITPro LIVE?

The best place we've found is either under your seat (if you can find a safe clean place) or attached to the cross bar pad. Whatever your choice the key considerations are that it can easily be removed from the bike, doesn't get too dirty, is protected enough from the elements, and it stays out of the way. We've also strongly recommend you never mount the iPhone in contact with anything metal on the bike since vibration and shock are extremely high and will damage the internals of your iPhone. Check out our LIVE Starter Kit for more info.

Does running LITPro LIVE speed up sync times?

Yes, when you run LITPro LIVE it is constantly syncing data, so your mechanic or trainer can typically have everything synced into the MX app before you are even back to the pit area.

Is LITPro LIVE allowed during races?

You should check with officials or read the rule book for your race series. Running LITPro LIVE does not affect engine mappings or any other setting on the bike. It is purely for reporting purposes only.

How do I cancel my LIVE Timing subscription?

No problem, just log in with your account on the website and go to this link to cancel LIVE Timing.

How do I find a lost LITPro?

If you just lost your LITPro and you know roughly where it is and think it is still powered on... there is hope!! Get out an iPhone or iPad and quickly download a free app called Light Blue. This app will list all bluetooth devices near you (within up to 30 meters) along with their signal strength. Walk around in the area you figure you lost it and watch for bluetooth devices starting with "LP" followed by some long number to appear. While walking around look at the signal strength indicator and as it increases in strength you know you are getting closer. Good luck! We've used this to find a LITPro even when it is covered with a little dirt.

How do I find a lost LITPro that ran out of batteries?

With this one we can't help you much - however if someone finds it and tries to use it we will know about it and they'll have to contact us in order to un-link it from your account. Quite a few people have returned lost LITPros, and we'll be super pumped to let you know if someone contacts us about it. It might be a good idea to put a sticker on your LITPro with your phone number so they can reach you quicker. If none of that works contact us and we'll sell you a replacement LITPro for half price (and we'll permanently disable the lost one).

How do I rename my LITPro?

For now this can only be done if you contact us... But we're working on an easier way to do it that we hope to release soon.

How do I un-claim my LITPro?

If you are trying to un-claim a LITPro we require you contact us. Just email us at from the email address you use to log in to your account and we'll un-link it. You'll need to do this if you are trying to sell or give your LITPro away to a buddy.

How do I reset my LITPro?

We don't have an easy way to delete all the sessions and syncs for your LITPro but you contact us we'll manually go through and delete these for you. Just let us know.

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