LIVE Timing
Get more out of your track day

Whether riding solo or with a pit crew, LITPro LIVE helps you get more out of your track days by delivering more accurate timing more efficiently.

NOTE: LIVE Timing requires kitting your bike or riding gear with an iPhone or Apple Watch running in LIVE mode (enabled via our app).

LITPro Live Timing

In your ear
Hear lap times and more

Start the LIVE system using the LITPro MX or LITPro ROAD app, put in your earbuds and go. You'll know more about what's working and what isn't than you ever have before, and all quicker than you've ever had it. Make the most of your track time!

The rider, the pit crew, and even your friends at home can tune into the action hearing (and seeing) lap times, heart rate, speed etc., all while the action is happening.

"Starting first lap"

Get alerted when the action begins.

"Segment 2, faster by 0.3 seconds"

Know where you are losing or making up time.

"Lap 24 in 56.7 seconds, new fastest lap!"

Know where you are losing or making up time.

"Current heartrate is 168 BPM, 2 laps to go, attack!"

Plan your sessions, then adapt based on training goals.

LITPro Watch Screenshots
LITPro Watch Screenshots
LITPro Watch Screenshots

For the rider
Apple Watch or iPhone

Start LIVE Timing from your Apple Watch (or iPhone if you don't have one) and LIVE timing is as easy as ever! The app will automatically pick the track for you (if one exists already), show lap count and lap times on the watch/app screen, and if you have ear buds in you can hear lap and segment times while you ride. Give it a shot!

Running LIVE Timing from your Watch or iPhone requires cellular or Wifi connectivity at a minimum where you pit to (start and stop the LIVE stream). Internet connectivity is not required while you ride. *Supports Apple Watch series 2 and 3

LITPro Trainer app screenshot
LITPro Trainer app screenshot
LITPro Trainer app screenshot
LITPro Trainer app screenshot
LITPro Trainer app screenshot

For the Pit Crew
Pitboard inspired

Use the Trainer app to tune into the live action from anywhere. Just the essential info at a glance (heart rate, speed, position, lap number, best lap time, battery level, and more). Typically 0.3 second real-time delay depending on cell service.

This feature is designed and built for your pit crew (not recommended for an on-bike display)

Peace of mind for friends and family

Configure SAFERIDE from the app, and updates will be sent to up to 3 contacts with an SMS number (no app downloads required). Give your friends and family the ultimate peace of mind while you ride.

With SAFERIDE they'll know when you start riding and at what track, and when you finish each session. Once they tune into your ride, by clicking on the link in the SMS message, they will know your current speed, your heart rate (if you are wearing a compatible heart rate strap), and what track you are at. For even more info they can download the Trainer app on an iOS device and get full up-to-the-second details.

NOTE: this is not a life-saving feature. Ride at your own risk.

LITPro Live Timing

LIVE FEATURES (for the rider)

  • Hear lap times (spoken using Siri) at the end of each lap
  • Hear segment times (faster by, or slower by) so you know what's working and what isn't
  • Hear messages from your pit crew (messages typed in by your pit crew using the Trainer app are spoken using Siri)
  • SAFERIDE can be configured to keep your friends and family up to date on your status at the track (not a life-saving feature, ride at your own risk)

LIVE FEATURES (for the pit crew)

Athlete View (single rider view)
  • Pit board view (shows just the most recent lap time in the largest font possible)
  • Map view (shows where the rider is currently, what the current real-time latency is, how many satellites are in view, heart rate, and other settings)
  • Stream view (current heart rate, list of lap times, current lap time, and any gatedrop results)
  • When practicing starts, shows reaction time (coming soon), time to 15 feet, time to 30 feet
  • Announces lap times, segment times, and heart rate using Siri voice
Team View (multiple rider view)
  • Limited to 8 concurrent streams
  • Map view (shows where all athletes are currently)
  • Rider views (shows rider lap times or gatedrop results)
  • Shows differential time from current fastest lap time or gatedrop time of all practicing athletes
  • Announces lap times
LITPro Live Timing

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