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LITPro Hot Laps

see where you rank

Think you know what the fastest line is? Most likely you'll learn something new if you compare yourself to the fastest rider at your track. Or if you are the fastest, then now you'll know it for certain. This feature shows where you rank, and highlights the fastest 3 riders at your track. And we know conditions change, so compare "same-day" metrics if you prefer.

For this feature to work, others who ride your track need to opt in to sharing their fastest lap data. If you ride with friends - make sure they have a LITPro and that you use the same track configuration. Guaranteed you'll like this feature, and you'll get faster as a result!

inside vs outside

Even if you think you know what the fastest way through a corner is, you will mostly likely be surprised by what you find when you look at this analysis. A shorter line doesn't always feel faster, but when it is it can make a big difference.

LITPro automatically detects and analyzes every corner in your session, and points out where you can most likely make up time. Plus you can always compare your corner technique with the hot lap at the track and see what they do to get through faster. watch tutorial

LITPro Corner Analysis
LITPro Airtime Analytics

technique matters

Its not just about how high and how far you go. Technique matters in the air.

LITPro automatically detects and analyzes all of your jumps and gives you powerful insights that you or your trainer can use to make improvements. Sometimes it's about staying low (scrubbing) and other times it's about hitting the landing without bouncing. Check all your stats including how hard your landing was, if you bounced, how much speed you lost in the air, how far and how high you went.

LAP 99
your theoretical best

LITPro automatically analyzes your entire session and combines all of your fastest segment times to come up with a theoretical fastest lap. This gives you an idea of what you are capable of if you just stitch your best moments together.

There's power in knowing...

LITPro Corner Analysis
LITPro Gatedrop Analytics

getting the holeshot takes practice

If winning races is the goal, then practicing starts is a must. LITPro automatically detects starts anywhere you practice them (no need for a gate or any other equipment). Once you start moving LITPro records everything until you begin to slow down again. Even if your physical start position changes, LITPro automatically lines up all starts from the same session making comparison easy.

Make it your goal to be world class at the gate. In our experience that means you need to get to 15 feet in 0.93 seconds. Give it a try with LITPro!

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