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the basics

Use a GPS receiver to accurately log your lap time and view it in the app. Lap time is the simplest, easiest way to gauge your outright speed on any track. Consistently monotoring your time is a fundamental step in improving your performance over time. If you've never seen your individual lap time you're missing out on all the fun!

compare route lines

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Eliminate the guesswork involved in finding the fastest line. You can overlay laps from the same session, sessions from the same day, or all time. Sharing data with other athletes unlocks the ability to compare your laps against theirs. Learning from others is one of LITPro's most powerful features.

LAP 99
your theoretical best

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LITPro automatically analyzes all of the laps from your session and stitches your fastest segment times together. This new lap is your theoretical fastest lap, what we refer to as LAP 99. Drag LAP 99 over for comparison or use it to identify your lap time potential for that particular day.

strive for perfection

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Lap time is an excellent indicator of your progress, but there is more to determining if you're becoming a better rider overall. A good rider is not only fast, but they are also smooth, consistent, and technically sound. Chasing the quickest guy around to record one heater lap will not represent your true capability. A high consistency score is no easy feat to achieve.

inside vs outside

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So often we think we know the fastest line through a corner and a lot of times we're wrong. Sometimes it's the shorter inside line, and sometimes it's not. LITPro utilizes automated corner analysis to point out opportunities to lower your time. Look at your corner entry, avg speed, pre or post apex acceleration, and how much time you gained or lost on exit.

holeshots require practice

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Practicing starts is a must if you want to win races. With LITPro, there's no need for a gate or additional equipment. Starts automatically detected anywhere you do them. Even if your physical start position changes, LITPro automatically lines everything up from the same session, making comparisons a breeze.

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