XGPS + Join the Moto Challenge

Buy XGPS between now and September 30 and the challenge entry fee is on us. Plus, score a 50 or higher in the challenge and get the t-shirt too! Be sure to check out the challenge rules before heading to the track - and try as many times as you want in the month of October to get on the leaderboard and complete the challenge!

XGPS Price: $169
Shipping: Included (International $30)
Sync Data Fees: Required for active months only. First month sync fees included in purchase.
Full refund if you don't DUAL XGPS 160.
See the "Damage & Loss" section below for more warranty information.

Challenge Entry Fee: Included ($20)
T-Shirt: Included (score 50 or higher)
Review the challenge participation rules

Since we're so confident you'll kill it in this challenge, we'll go ahead and collect your t-shirt size now. We'll keep you up to date on your ranking and score throughout the challenge.

Challenge Entry Fee:

We have a lot of fun putting on these challenges and our staff puts a lot of work in to hopefully making it a great experience for you.

Note to would-be cheaters... If it looks like you are doing anything to cheat the challenge we'll let you know and disqualify your session. We want the challenge to feel competitive for everyone, so we'll be on the lookout for "anomalies" (i.e. no pausing during the lap to make sure you cross the finish line at an exact time - just ride hard and safe and enjoy working on a track skill). Also, pick a decent track to complete the challenge on! No overly simple tracks!

Moto '19 Challenge Details

Challenge Prize (T-Shirt):

The LITPro t-shirt is the prize for completing the challenge. If you complete the challenge we'll ship you the t-shirt, no additional purchase or shipping fees requried.

We will ship t-shirts within 30 days of the end of the challenge.

Limit one per participant.

Review the challenge participation rules

XGPS 160:

Achieve faster laps, better starts, and a more effective overall training program. This hardware works for both MX and ROAD applications.

Key Features:

  • Lap and Segment Analytics to see where you are fast or slow, consistent or inconsistent. LITPro lap and segments times, calculated automatically within the LITPro MX App or LITPro ROAD app, are within 1/20 of a second of accuracy when compared to official AMA results.
  • Lap 99™ and Ghosting to see your improvement potential through better line selection and rhythms.
  • Gate Drop Analytics for better starts.
  • See more about capabilities here.

Key Technologies:

  • XGPS - 10x the resolution and better precision than traditional GPS.
  • HD-Track Maps (where available) - Updated and high def track maps. Google base maps available everywhere.
  • Personalized Track Configurations - Establish laps and segments exactly where you want them for any outdoor track anywhere in the world.
  • 8x faster sync time. Approximately 25-seconds of sync time per 10-min session.

Hardware Specifications

  • Size: 2.7" x 2.2" x 0.8"
  • Weight: Half the weight of a GoPro, 71 grams
  • Power & Battery - 10 hours of battery life between charges, approximately 3 hours charge time
  • Memory & Syncing - Stores up to 2.6 hours of data, syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.0

Required Apps

  • All LITPro apps are available for free in the Apple App Store
  • Use LITPro MX to analyze your off-road session data
  • or use LITPro ROAD to analyze your road course session data

Optional Apps

  • Use LITPro VIDEO to sync LITPro data with footage from any camera


  • Apple iPhone: 5s and newer (running iOS 10 or later)
  • Apple iPad: 4th gen/iPad Air 2 and newer (running iOS 10 or later)

Sync Data Fees

Syncing data from this device requires a $9.99 fee per month of active use. For months you don't sync data, you don't pay, but if you sync even once during the month you will be charged $9.99 for the month and will get unlimited number of syncs.

Before your first sync (using either the LITPro MX or LITPro ROAD apps you will be required to opt in to paying Sync Data Fees and your first month free trial will automatically begin.

A few details:

  • The first month is on us and will begin the day you sync your first session.
  • You will automatically get charged $9.99 30 days after your free month begins - however if you don't sync data inside that subsequent 30-day window your $9.99 will be credited towards the next month... and so on until you either ride or opt out of our membership program.
  • There is no fee for viewing data that is already in the system (whether for your own riding data or for accounts you have linked with).
  • Opt out of the at any time and at the end of the billing month your ability to sync data will be suspended, and no further billing will occur.
  • If for any reason we cannot charge your credit card we will attempt to contact you to fix the problem. If after 7 days we cannot contact you we will suspend your access to sync data in to the LITPro system.

Shipping & Fees

  • Orders before 2 pm PST Mon-Fri ship same day (excluding holidays) from Temecula, CA.
  • All US shipments (including Alaska and Hawaii) include free shipping via FedEx 2Day® including delivery on Saturday where available.
  • All international shipments are shipped for $30 via FedEx International Priority® (1-3 business days) but do not include any customs fees, duties, taxes or other fees the destination country may require.
  • No additional taxes or fees for U.S. shipments. However, all duties, taxes, or other fees for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • If you don't love your DUAL XGPS 160, ship it back and get a full refund.

Damage & Loss

We want you to use your DUAL XGPS 160 aggressively, so we include an insurance policy for your hardware.
  • If you damage your XGPS160, we charge a $100 replacement fee. Contact us for more info on this.
  • Note1 You must ship us your damaged unit.
  • Note2 If you have lost your unit you should try and use your iPhone's bluetooth radio to try and narrow down the location where you LITPro is by walking in a pattern that allows you to detect stronger or weaker radio signal. Contact us for tips on this. If you have lost your unit and can not find it, we will not be able to offer a damage replacment discount.


  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty