HDGPS is built for athletes. Achieve faster laps, better starts, and a more effective overall training program with LITPro. This GPS receiver works for both MX and ROAD applications.

Key Features:

  • Lap and Segment Analytics to see where you are fast or slow, consistent or inconsistent. LITPro lap and segments times, calculated automatically within the LITPro MX App or LITPro ROAD app, are within 1/20 of a second of accuracy when compared to official AMA results.
  • Lap 99™ and Ghosting to see your improvement potential through better line selection and rhythms.
  • Gate Drop Analytics for better starts.
  • Airtime Analytics for more effective jumps.
  • Body Analytics to monitor training load and improvements over time.

Key Technologies:

  • HD-GPS™ - 20x the resolution and better precision than traditional GPS.
  • LIVE Timing™ - ditch the stopwatch! Get more information LIVE and with reliable accuracy .
  • HD-Track Maps (where available) - Updated and high def track maps. Google base maps available everywhere.
  • Proven Action Sports Algorithms - Airtime, g’s, launch speed, landing speed, acceleration, deceleration, and more. All the data and insights you need to improve.
  • Personalized Track Configurations - Establish laps and segments exactly where you want them for any outdoor track anywhere in the world.
  • Dual Wireless Bluetooth - Connect your heart rate strap and eventually other accessories to benefit from an even more thorough LITPro experience.
  • Magnetic Charging - Effortless charging that enables a robust mechanical design.

Hardware Specifications

  • Size: Smaller than a deck of cards, 88.2 x 58.9 x 17.6 mm
  • Weight: Half the weight of a GoPro, 75 grams
  • Power & Battery - 10 hours of battery life between charges, approximately 2 hours charge time via provided magnetic USB charging cable
  • Memory & Syncing - Stores up to 10 hours of high definition performance data, syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0
  • LIVE Timing Requires kitting your bike or riding gear with an iPhone or Apple Watch running in LIVE mode (enabled via our app)

Required Apps

  • All LITPro apps are available for free in the Apple App Store
  • Use LITPro MX to analyze your off-road session data
  • or use LITPro ROAD to analyze your road course session data

Optional Apps

  • Use LITPro VIDEO to sync LITPro data with footage from any camera
  • Use LITPro Trainer for coaches, mechanics and trainers to observer real-time riding data for up to 4 riders at a time


  • Apple iPhone: 5s and newer (running iOS 10 or later)
  • Apple iPad: 4th gen/iPad Air 2 and newer (running iOS 10 or later)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate chest straps (heart rate strap not included)
  • Gate drop reaction timing hardware (sold separately) uses Bluetooth 4.0

Shipping & Fees

  • Orders before 2 pm PST Mon-Fri ship same day (excluding holidays) from Temecula, CA.
  • All US shipments (including Alaska and Hawaii) include free shipping via FedEx 2Day® including delivery on Saturday where available.
  • All international shipments are shipped for $0 via FedEx International Priority® (1-3 business days) but do not include any customs fees, duties, taxes or other fees the destination country may require.
  • No additional taxes or fees for U.S. shipments. However, all duties, taxes, or other fees for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • If you don't love your LITPro, ship it back and get a full refund.

Damage & Loss

We know this sport is rough and we know that even a well-built product like HDGPS can get damaged or come off the helmet and get lost. We want you to use HDGPS aggressively, so we include an insurance policy for your HDGPS receiver.

  • If you lose or damage your receiver, contact us for more information.
  • Note1 we remote-disable the unit once it is reported as lost.
  • Note2 HDGPS is usually pretty easy to find, often even when covered by some loose dirt. If using the SYNC app, just walk around until you see the device pop up on your screen and once you can connect to it, turn on the diagnostics mode, and it will show you on the map where the device thinks it is.


  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty




Davide D. Verified
Bologna IT
super devices
really nice stuff, work really good
Cristiano D. Verified
Uscio IT
Since 2015 an essential help
Training with LitPro is an added value which we can't leave apart, and the product itself is still improving and providing better information review for anyone, and for trainer moreover
Kyle M. Verified
Scottsdale US
This is the best moto product available for any level of rider from beginner to pro
I have been using LitPro for almost 4 months now and can't understand how this is not a standard product for every racer! I have dropped 12 seconds off my lap time at my local track. Yes 12 seconds since first use! The only frustrating thing about this is that not everyone uses one. I love riding tracks where others have logged laps so I can compare and learn from other rider's sessions. This will only get better as time goes on and more people start using it. It is so much more enjoyable to ride with the LitPro. There is nothing better than reviewing your data and finding ways to improve and get faster.

The athlete support is some of the best out there and if there is anything you need help with, they are on top of it.

This is the best moto product available for any level of rider from beginner to pro seeking to improving their speed and understanding of what to work on when practicing.
Brandon K. Verified
Kennewick US
Getting faster using this product. Dropped 3+ seconds off my lap time so far. App is easy to use
Paul H. Verified
kamloops CA
Dropping lap times each use!
I couldnt be happier with my Litpro! No more guessing if you are improving or where you have the most opportunity. This device has helped me cut over 30 seconds off my local track lap times! Every racer should be using one.
Marque P. Verified
Wichita US
Great product, I recommend this to all my friends and use it every time I ride. You can't improve something until you measure it. I was looking to ad a transponder to my track and I am so glad I purchased a litPRO instead. You can do so much more with this.
Lucas L. Verified
Roseville US
Money well spent
I should have bought this a long time ago. 500 bucks is a little steep but it is totally worth the money. Now I just have to convince everyone I ride with to get one.
Dean P. Verified
Gold Coast AU
This tech has so many features to help your riding. From fitness to dropping lap times and finding weakness on the bike. We love using it! From a weekend warrior to elite rider this is incredible stuff to make you faster by being smarter.
Shannon V. Verified
Bellevue US
This is absolutely a product well worth having. This company has it right with customer service as well. They went above and beyond to help my son not miss a beat before mini os. Thanks again!
Pete P. Verified
Palos Park US
LitPro Enthusiast
These guys got it right on with these devices, great help with our training and have seen vast improvement in riders skills. Plus the rider get the visual impact of making proper line selections. As a team owner i love the Live Timing and Corner features. Lastly the support is second to none..Richard has been there when ever needed and always is willing to assist.

GREAT group and everyone who is a serious rider should own one of these..no questions asked! Keep it LitPro, customer for life:)
Riccardo C. Verified
Siena, IT
Lit pro
Prodotto che ha una durata delle batterie incredibile semplice da usare e funziona in maniera precisa e impeccabile
Thomas B. Verified
Sanger US
This truly helps find the best way around the track and makes every moto beneficial.
Troy F. Verified
Sparta US
LitPro Review
Man, where does a person start? I purchased mine a few months ago and it’s honestly made riding so much more fun for me. I’m simply blown away by the amount of data given and how it makes me push harder. This is an awesome mix of being a fun tool and a great training tool. The applications are getting easier to use, as they are continually updating them. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should buy one, just do it! You won’t regret it.
Tony C. Verified
Christchurch, New Zealand
Best training product ever.
My son and I have had LITPRO from when they were first available to the public. I am a slow 52 year old that races and practices for fun now. I have found it to be a great product to help with my riding knowing exactly how fast I am going and what my lap times are. LITPRO live is great. For anyone younger wanting to be competitive this is a must have. It is also great to look back at what tracks you have ridden on in the past. The team at LITPRO are great to deal with, and made us feel at home when we have visited them.
Connor O. Verified
Lyman, USA
Love using my LITPro. Have had it since the beginning. Thousands of laps logged on tons of tracks. Super useful to track all of your analytics for the day. Very easy to use apps that can help you get the most data back out to the track.
Kmc R. Verified
Irvine, USA
Great product
LitPro has made a big difference for our team. It is now so much easier to quantify riding and understand where a significant difference can be made, and this is all done through an interface that is very easy for everyone to understand. For us the checking of different lines in corners and how to set up for corners has been one of the major benefits, and the ability to communicate this to the rider in an understandable way is huge for us. LitPro has also been very useful to us in understanding where the setup of the bike is lacking based upon the rider making comments after looking at the data. We have also seen great results from comparing riders to each other and understanding each ones weakness's and improving both riders. I think the ability to open up ones data to other people will make a big difference in improving the riding of everyone who is sharing the data.
Overall a great product with an easily understandable way of communicating the results.
Michael W. Verified
Queensland, Australia
Buy before other fast parts
I have used litpro since the beginning and it just keeps getting better and has taken a lot of guess work out and refined our testing. In my opinion this is the first thing a Mx rider should purchase if they want to improve their riding way before any fast parts.
Theodore P. Verified
Edwardsville, USA
LitPro review
I have been using Litpro for one year now. This is a product I wish I had my hands on many years before. As a professional racer this is one of my most valuable tools. Even if you are not a professional or serious racer, this tool can be used to challenge your most average rider or weekend warrior, because who doesn't want to know how much they have improved session after session. From Motocross, supercross, woods, flat track, quads, cycling to road racing you can untalize this product anywhere!
Kusti M. Verified
Rihimaki, Finland
Great tool for both casual and pro rider
Best things about LITPRO:
- the app is easy to use and you can really find out what works and what not in a track
- Corner analytics and lap99 feature are really useful when you are looking for that fastest line around the track
- Gatedrop analytics is great tool to perfect the starts (starts are everything nowadays)
- durable and battery life is great still after two years
- the monthly challenges motivate to ride more and focus on doing better
- the app is updated regularly with new features

Before LITPRO came along I tried multiple different setups for automatic lap timing, but could not find a one that I would be satisfied. The infra-red ones were a too much set up for each ride and they still didn't work reliable. Most GPS systems seem to be missing laps or messing it up other ways because they are not designed for motocross. The problem was also that their softwares were too complicated to use.

When LITPRO came available in 2015 I immediately ordered one for our motocross team (I'm still using the same unit and it still works great despite all the crashes and mud baths). The LITPRO MX app has many great features, but we have mostly focused on corners (in session analytics) and starts (in gatedrop analytics). As everyone knows going wide open on outside feels really fast, but when you see from the app that it is 0,2 - 0,4 slower each corner, the tight inside lines start to feel like good idea. With the starts we usually combine filming the starts with LITPRO data to find perfect technique for each rider and trying to get to that "magic" 15ft under 0,93 sec. LITPRO is great tool to motivate and teach riders to think about their training, line selection and technique. LITPRO is really useful in testing as you can easily see what is working and what is not and you don't have to only rely on what the rides says. We used LITPRO successfully to claim 2015 and 2016 EMX150 European Championships with Emil Weckman.

I also really like to use LITPRO myself when I'm going riding even that I'm 40 years old amateur rider. For me it is really interesting to analyse each session to see where the fast lines were, what was my fastest lap, top speed, how was my start in a race and so on. Unfortunately I don't have a mechanic on track side to show me lap times, so LITPRO Live has been a cool feature to have. With LITPRO live I can hear the segment and lap times on the earbuds while riding. When riding with LITPRO live I usually get faster towards end of the moto, because in each lap I try to beat my previous time. One more great thing about the LITPRO app is that it is always evolving and they keep adding new features and refining the old ones. Nice work boys!
Nikolay N. Verified
Moscow, Russia
Helpful & Fun
It's only matter of time when one stops improving no matter how (reasonably) hard he/she tries or, at least, thinks he/she does.

For amature like me, who ride for fun, trying to avoid injuries, with age comes desire to ride faster by riding smarter.

And it's LITPro that allows my riding become more smart,
providing me tools for better understanding of existing weakness and possible opportunities based on riding data analysis.

There're many features in LITPro I found useful.
But there're four I admire the most:

1. Virtual lap metering.
It gives possible best lap time which resulted from combination of best time segments. It almost screams: that could be your actual lap time if you'd try hard enough to keep you pace during at least one whole lap.

2. Side-by-side view / Ghost lap view.
With LITPro there's no more wondering about reasons why timing on one lap is better or worse than on another. One just need to compare those laps in ghost lap view.

3. LIVE feature.
It is hard to keep pace during whole session if there's no one there on a track who counts your lap time and gives you an updates after each lap.
With LIVE feature I have timing after each lap right on track and can understand whether I should push harder in order to do not lose to myself.

4. VIDEO app.
At least, It's more fun to watch videos with LITPro analytics.

In MX my worst enemy is me. My lack of technique, commitment, fitness and so on...
And LITPro gives me highlighted details about my enemy to acknowledge and to fight with in order to become faster and smarter rider.