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LITPro Data Review
One-on-one review of your riding data with LITPro Analyst

A LITPro Analyst walks you through your riding data one-on-one. Get a professional data review from the same experts who work with the top pros in Supercross and Pro Outdoor Motocross - with a focus on showing you how to use LITPro to its full potential and best integrate into your own program.

Requires at least two days of LITPro data in your account prior to consultation.

100% virtual, and 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.


LITPro Data Review + Riding Plan Bundle
2-Month Riding Plan including 6 Data Reviews with a dedicated LITPro Analyst.

The ultimate guided 2-month LITPro experience. Work with a LITPro Analyst to establish a specific series of six Data Reviews with a LITPro Analyst, combined with a riding plan tailored to fit your needs and designed to help you accomplish your specific goals.

You will communicate with your LITPro Analyst on a weekly basis using the LITPro Professional Coaching platform, video conference and other digital tools. The goal is to achieve maximum improvement to your riding.

All 6 bundled Data Reviews and Riding Plans must be used inside 8 weeks.

100% virtual, and 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.


Event - 1 Day
Staffed Event, including demo fleet - Per Person/Day

Full-day event staffed by LITPro experts, including the full fleet of required equipment for up to 15 riders. A LITPro staff member is required for every 6 concurrent riders on the track. Travel and expenses not included in this price.

Please contact us for more details.


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Chris Hay
Expert Level LITPro Analyst
Brandon Rake
Expert Level LITPro Analyst
Micahel Ford
Expert Level LITPro Analyst

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