The basics

What you need
to operate litpro

First, Choose your gps receiver

LITPro is compatible with several GPS receivers. The receiver is a critical component to determining what type of app experience you'll have. Some differences include GPS precision, mounting location, heart rate, and the ability to add a Premium subscription. And we just added GoPro Hero cameras to the list of compatible devices.


Second, You'll need an iPHONE or ipad

Our Apps run on iOS devices. You'll need an iPhone or iPad with a solid connection to the Internet. Unfortunately, we don't support Android at this time. Android support is projected for late 2021.

Third, Pick Your app

Our latest Apps come in two dedicated versions for participation in different sports. They are available for download in the iTunes App Store. We designed the MX App for motocross, but it works well for other dirt sports too. Some examples are downhill mountain biking, GNCC, and WORCS racing. If you primarily train and compete on asphalt, the Road App is a great choice. It's designed for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles on circuit tracks.



Fourth, Add a premium subscription

 Premium subscription is optional

We offer free lap times and basic summaries across all of our compatible GPS devices, including GoPro. Adding a Premium subscription will grant you access to the best that LITPro has to offer. Premium unlocks features like route lines, lap overlay, braking & acceleration, and data sharing. We offer Premium in monthly or annual billing options with no contract. You are free to cancel at any time.