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Drop 2 seconds off your lap time in the first 2 motos using LITPro or send it back for a full refund. Get faster... Guaranteed!

Fuel for your mind!

Unlike almost any other sport in existence, Motocross requires a balanced combination of man, machine and mind. Use LITPro to stay motivated to keep attacking in all three areas and to achieve your goals - or simply to safely enjoy an amazing sport on the weekends. Whatever your level, LITPro can help.

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LITPro track your progress

go slower to go faster!

There's a never-ending list of techniques and skill sets to improve on in Motocross and LITPro has a way to help you focus on each and every one of them. Whether standing through a section, consistency, intensity, jump technique, corner technique, forcing to go all outsides, practicing gatedrops, not crashing, whatever. Check out what LITPro can do.

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LITpro Focus on Technique

teach or be taught!

Connect accounts with your riding buddies and dive in to each section of the track to analyze technique, strategy or brazen courage. Plus learn from riders you don't even know and see where you rank using the LITPro Hotlaps feature.

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LITPro Learn from Others

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you'll love your LITPro but if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a replacement or refund.

Damage Replacement

For a rough sport we've got a damage replacement policy to match! Just send us in your broken LITPro and we'll offer you a half-price replacement.

Hands-on Help

We can't always be there in-person but we'll walk you through all the setup, help you set up tracks, whatever you need.

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