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We guarantee LITPro will help you shave seconds off your lap times. Whether you are training with the support of a coach/trainer and mechanic, or just putting in effort on your own - MX athletes train better with LITPro.

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LITPro MX app on iPad

20x the resolution

LITPro packs in some powerful tech... But it isn't just more for the sake of more. Better tracking of your position means LITPro can answer questions no other product on the market can. Like which line choice is better, which segments are inconsistent, and what jump configuration gets you through the rhythm section fastest...

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LITPro Gatedrop Analytics

when fractions of a second matter

Break down your moto into laps, segments or even corners to see where you're fast or slow, consistent or inconsistent. With LITPro, lap, segment and corner times are calculated automatically to within 0.05 seconds of accuracy when compared to official AMA results.

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Ditch the Stopwatch
live timing is easier and more accurate

Get more than just lap times! Hear lap times and segment times spoken right in your earbud, allowing you to keep your eyes on the track. If your test track has even a little cell signal this feature will be a game-changer for you. (requires optional LIVE Timing subscription)

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LITPro Live Timing

Video Overlay
integrate your LITPro data

No training program is complete without the power of video, and LITPro VIDEO makes your videos even more powerful by letting you combine your footage with LITPro metrics. Just record footage from any camera (GoPro, iPhone, etc), and synchronize it with LITPro data.

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And more...
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  • Lap 99™ and Ghosting to view and visualize your improvement potential through better line selection and rhythms.
  • Gate Drop Analytics for better starts.
  • Airtime Analytics for more effective jumps.
  • Body Analytics to monitor training load and improvements over time.
  • We're always adding new features... Check out the new Zoom and Segment Analysis features.
LITPro MX app on iPad

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